iPad Air benchmarks show 90% performance enhancement

After the initial reviews of iPad Air, its being concluded that the tablet is significantly high in speed and light in weight. Early results from GeekBench add validity to the claim, which show the iPad Air par above iPad 4. 

John Pool’s (from PirmateLabs) made a blog post which mentions all the GeekBench results. The chart shows that the device is quite impressive.

According to the author’s observation, the A7 processor in iPad Air is 1.4 GHz, which is 100 MHz above the A7 processor of iPhone 5s. He also expects iPad mini with Retina Display to come with a 1.4 GHz processor. But it’s uncertain whether it will be quicker than iPhone 5s because of chassis or battery.

Also, iPad Air 80% faster than iPad 4, and 5 times faster than iPad 2 (which is only $100 less). As for why Apple is still selling the iPad 2, the tablet has had a major say in company sales, and made up 20% of total iPad sales in the recent quarter.

But these are Benchmark results, and whether the device will deliver the same when it actually ships remains to be seen. It’s likely to be faster, but how faster? We will find that out after the sales begin tomorrow.


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