iPad 22nd October Apple media event – The latest expections

Apple is ready for it new event launch and promises that it still has a lot to cover. The event is slated for 22nd October and the venue is the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Press invitations have already been doled out earlier this week.

The iPhone event brought us iPhone 5S and 5C, this time expectation center on iPads. It may also focus towards OS x, iOS 7 or even the Mac for that matter.

The rumor mill’s general prediction is that the event would be marked with the launch of iPad 5. It makes sense on the account is that the iPad upgrade is due for some time now. News has persistently leaked online regarding the fifth generation iPad.

The general information is that the new iPad would have a slimmer exterior supported by narrower bezel, which is pretty similar to the iPad mini. On colors, the leaked info offers grey and silver color. Gold model is still a rumor.

News on the processor is that it would be a 64 bit A7X. The iPhone 5 features the latest A7 series. There is also a chance of 5’s M7 coprocessor as well. Some have also claimed that the iPad 5 would have a 8MP sensor on the rear camera.

Apart from this there have been any major game changing news on the spec front. Voices have been raised that Touch ID is in store for the iPad, but it is highly doubtable.

So what are the other major expectations from the event?

The second generation iPad is also expectation after various info leaks. The addition to the iPad mini 2 would be thicker frame to support a larger battery. The larger battery is expected because the new iPad mini is reported to come with a Retina Display.

The release data of OS Mavericks is also expected at the event. It can be a day after the event or a week later.

Speculations are also ride that iOS 7.1 would be presented with the new iPad. The reason is that software updates are in line with a major release.

A MacBook pro can be announced which has the Intel’s latest Haswell chips. The news has been around for quite some time that new MacBooks pros would be available after the event.

Let’s see what happens on the actual day.


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