iOS 7.0.3 fixes accelerometer issue for iPhone 5s

Some iPhone 5s owners were experiencing problems with inclinometer and compass readings. The inaccuracy has also been noted on Apple support forums, and it is being said that it happened because Apple bought the accelerometer sensor for the latest iPhone from the German Company Bosch instead of STMicroelectronics. 

Some people said that the handset has to be recalled as it was a hardware issue, but the newly released iOS 7.0.3 update has fixed the issue. The changelog says: ‘fixes an accelerometer calibration issue’.

VentureBeat’s author John Koetsier shows the difference between readings before and after updates to iOS 7.0.3. 

He says:
The middle phone, the iPhone 5S, is upgraded to 7.03, and now reads .1 degrees off level. That’s an acceptably minor degree of error, if it is, or a tiny variation in the surface of table they’re both sitting on, due to their slightly different positions. 
The nearest iPhone is Apple’s iPhone 5C, which I have not yet updated to 7.0.3, and it is still displaying the kind of error that the iPhone 5S was experiencing before the software update.
While the zero-g offset value varied because of stress of temperature, the inaccurate readings didn’t help. RealiyCap, a company, also posted a code on Github suggesting how developers could apply a proper algorithm. The bottom line is that the issue has been solved with the software update.

You can check the accuracy of your device through the Compass app by swiping left to access the level tool. Let us know if your readings improved after updating to iOS 7.0.3.

Also, iOS 7.0.3 fixed the motion sickness issue that was bothering some users.


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