iOS 7 sounds were contributed by Owl City's Adam Young!

The magnificent alert sounds in IOS 7 are a blessing in disguise for most users. Looks like most of them were made by Adam Young, the founder of Own City – it’s an electronica project in U.S. that has been responsible for several record hits so far.

Adam Young confirmed yesterday that he had made a contribution to some of the sounds in the latest iOS update. He also added ‘sounds for iOS 7’ in the discography section on this site. While he did remove the addition, here is the screenshot (courtesy of 9to5mac).

Also check out Fireflies from Owl City

And this is the summary of iOS 7 sounds (via iDB):

Adam Young first started to create music in the basement of his parents as he worked for Coca-Cola and loaded trucks. He utilized MySpace and uploaded tracks on the platform, which helped him to develop a cult following and sign a record deal.

Stories like these are interesting, helping us to learn the elements Apple products consist of. We also covered the story of the voice behind Siri, and now this. Maybe we will see a few more discoveries in the next few months. Who knows…


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