iOS 7 Game Controller Support Integrated By Unity Framework

iOS 7 was also accompanied by support for third-party game controllers. However, the feature can only be used with a game that is compatible with third party controller and a gamepad that has been approved from Apple. There have been some leaks from manufacturers like Logitech, but nothing has been released so far. 

This is perhaps the reason why developers have been slow with new Game Controller APIs. Unity framework lately announced on its blog that the company’s new game engine integrates surface inputs from the controllers directly into the SDK. Essentially the company is offering its own game logic code with Apple’s Objective-C API.

For those who are unaware, Unity framework is the company that is responsible for powering several games listed on the App Store. And the new integration of game controller inevitably makes it easier for game developers to use unity and add gamepad support to their games.

Apple 2013 Tech Talks also features a section on game controller support. The event has been split into separate sections; one for game developers and one for app developers for the first time. In case of the event days about game, Apple has been insisting developers to make games with the joypad control, so that consumers have a range of options when joypad accessories start shipping.

Would you like to play iOS games with a gamepad/joystick?

(via 9to5mac)


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