iOS 7 Blur Effect Issue Workaround

Though the iOS 7 adoption rate has been nothing short of staggering, not many users are happy with the overhaul as evident from the motion sickness and other problems. The iOS 7.0.3, recently released, improved the motion reduction setting and also fixed an issue of compass reading calibration.

Now it turns out that it also solves the blur effect issue that was bothering a lot of people. The guide in this post is for those people who are fed up with the blur effects in the Control Center and the Notification Center.

Guide to disable the Blur Effects in iOS 7

1. First go to the main screen of the iPhone and open up the Settings panel.
2. Now go to the General settings.
3. From there on, open up the Accessibility settings.
4. There will only be one option available at this point ‘Increase Contrast’. Just toggle on this option and that is the only thing that was required.
This is likely to improve performance on older iDevices. Also, it is going to make room for additional battery life on the likes of the iPhone 4s.

Did you notice any changes or performance improvements? Feel free to share with us in the comments section.

[Via RedmondPie]

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