iOS 7 betas expired, locking out users who haven't updated!

Yesterday when my brother, who got a 4S with iOS 7 beta, was using his iPhone, he got his iPhone locked telling him to connect to iTunes. I realized that his iPhone was locked because of iOS 7 beta expiration. Also we got many messages from our readers having iOS 7 betas telling the same problem happening.

screenshot via iClarified

If you are one of those caught on an expired beta, download the current iOS 7.0.2 firmware for your device.

After downloading your required firmware, you should open your latest version of iTunes and take a backup for your device as that upgrade will remove all your data, images numbers and etc.

Once the device is backed up, you can hold the "alt" key on Mac or "shift" key on windows and click on the "restore" button while holding the key then browse to the downloaded .ipsw firmware.

So have you upgraded successfully to iOS 7.0.2? Share with us!


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