How To Quickly Check The Time Stamp Of Text Messages In iOS 7

Sometimes you receive a message from a friend and you want to know the time the message was sent to you. I don't always have my iPhone sitting right next to me so I miss a lot of messages and I always wanted to know the specific time that this message was sent to me. When that does happen, it always irritated me that Apple didn’t include the time that the message was sent. If a friend wanted to meet me outside in 10 minutes, I wouldn't know when that would be.
In iOS 7, Apple has added the ability to see the time stamp of every message sent and received through iMessage or regular text. It is not obvious to everyone, but we know how to access it and have a quick tutorial to explain it to you…

As a reminder, this how-to guide is intended for new iPhone users and those who are not quite as competent at technology as everyone else. We know that most of our readers are quick on the draw and probably already know this simple stuff. If you know it, feel free to skip this post. If your Aunt Sally asks how to check the time stamp on text messages, send her our link instead of having to explain it yourself.

Back to iOS 6, messages would only have random time stamps. In any given conversation, you might receive a time stamp at the start of a conversation and another one a few minutes later, or you might not receive one for days. You may have missed a text that was two minutes old, or four hours old. It was impossible to tell.

Now in iOS 7, you have the ability to access the time stamp for every single iMessage or text message with a simple trick: 
All what you have to do is opening any messages conversation and simply swipe to the left That’s right. All you have to do is touch the screen and drag your finger from right to left. When you do, you will see a time stamp for every single message sent and received on the right side of the screen. Hold your finger on the screen to keep reading. Let go when you are done.

I hope you all liked this simple tip and if you think this tip useful, consider sharing it with your friends :)


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