How To Post To Twitter And Facebook In iOS 7

My iOS device is now running on iOS 7 and I really miss one of the greatest features in iOS 6 which is called ShareWidget. This feature lets you to add "Tap To Tweet" and "Tap to Post" buttons to Notification Center, allowing you to quickly send a tweet or post to Facebook.
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Unfortunately I can say that Apple removed this feature in iOS 7 and it doesn't exist anymore. But that's doesn't mean that iOS 7 users can enjoy such feature... Right now I am going to show you a new way to add ShareWidget on your iPhone running on iOS 7...

Where Did ShareWidget Go ?

Where Did the shareWidget go ? This is a very important question you should ask yourself about. In iOS 6 users can find ShareWidget on their devices by going to Settings--->Notifications. If you had the Share Widget on, and assuming you had signed in both Twitter and Facebook, you were able to quickly post to these two social networks by simply pulling down Notification Center from anywhere.

A better place for the Share Widget would be Control Center. Just like you can quickly launch the Clock or Calculator apps from Control Center, it would definitely make more sense to have the Share Widget there than in Notification Center.

The Workaround

iOS 7 users can get ShareWidget by a little trick which is downloading a free application called MySocial Post. The app allows you to put a "Tap to Tweet" and "Tap to Share" buttons to the notification center. 

Launch the app and let it connect to your Facebook and Twitter account, and you’re good to go. Either tap “Post” or “Tweet” to select what social network you want to update, type in some text and hit the “Post” button. At this point, you cannot send an update to both networks at the same time.

From now on you have the ability to quickly share posts, status even images on both Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

If that’s something you could use, download MySocial Post in the App Store for free. Of course, if you use Launcher Center Pro, you can easily add shortcuts to quickly post to Twitter and Facebook from there.

Have you tried MySocial post yet ? 


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