How To Enter Emoji Icons Anywhere In OS X Mavericks

Finally after I've finished downloading the 5 GB OS X Mavericks on my MacBook, I started to dig around searching for new features and updates. One of the features I've found in OS X Mavericks is the ability to enter Emoji icons anywhere but it must to be in a text field of course.

If you want to use an Emoji icon, simply have your cursor blinking away inside a text field and hit the CMD+CTRL+SPACE keys. Once you’ve contorted your fingers enough to do that then you’ll be presented with the new Emoji entry window that appears as an overlay. If you want to get back to that Special Characters window then scrolling down will display a search box. Beside that, you’ll see an icon. Clicking that will take you to the window you’re looking for. It’s really that simple.
With such tip you will be able to quickly enter a lot of funny emoji styles anywhere on your computer. 

Remember, OS X Mavericks is available for download for free on the Mac App Store, but for a limited time. So better to hurry up and download it before Apple charge it. 


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