How To Check Gold iPhone 5s Availability In Your Area

Most of you may already know how well the iPhone 5s has sold since its release. Apple reported that it has sold 9 million units of iPhone 5c and 5c within just 7 days, and the CEO Tim Cook has been very happy with the sales progress.

Apart from the Touch ID offered in the device, perhaps a bigger attraction was that it was offered in a gold color. There was also a consumer who sold the handset for a staggering price on eBay (up to 10 grand). The Apple Online Store shows that the gold iPhone 5s is not available in most areas.

However, those of you who want to constantly check the online store would know how inconvenient it can be to enter the zip code again and again to see the availability. Luckily there is someone who has made a website that shows the iPhone 5s availability in different areas.

The domain title of the website is – iPhone Check. It contains sections where you can enter the zip code and fill blanks for the carrier and color you want.

Feel free to use the website, and let us know if the gold iPhone 5s is available in your locality.


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