Facebook Now Lets You Search Your Posts, Status, Photos Caption And More

Getting tired from searching for old posts/status or even photo captions for you ? Well don't waste your time anymore... Today Facebook has just announced making a few great updates in Facebook... According to a press release note, Facebook now lets you quickly search your old posts, old status, Photo caption, notes and more...

Your friends – just like yourself – post ton of stuff on Facebook, but you probably miss most of it due to the overwhelming amount of information on a daily basis. As a result of this information overload, finding that precise piece of information about a Facebook friend used to be a Gargantuan task – made just a tad easier only if you knew what and when to look for on their Timeline.

So from now on and with this awesome little update, you will not waste your time looking for your old posts or status, just a quick search at the search bar and type "Posts About: Status/ Dancing With Stars" and etc... 

Now you’ll be able to search for status updates, photo captions, check-ins and comments to uncover pretty much anything from other people’s Timeline that has been shared with you in the past.
In the past, I had to make a huge effort to find an old statue for me on Facebook, among thousands of Facebook status it was very difficult for you to find a statue... Don't you think so ? 

Using it couldn’t be simpler: begin by clicking on the search bar at the top to start typing in your complex search query. Up pop Graph Search suggestions. You can then use the options under Refine This Search on the right to filter your results by author, keywords, location, comments and other things.

Hit the ‘See More’ link for additional filtering options. Note that some filters have dropdowns that provide suggestions to refine your search. Removing a filter is as easy as clicking the ‘X’ on the right or choosing Remove from the dropdown.
A few more example queries:

• “Posts I commented on”
• “My posts from last year”
• “Posts written at LEX”
• “Posts about Breaking Bad by my friends”
• “Posts about Miley Cyrus from my friends”
• “Posts by my friends about dogs”
• “Posts about Obamacare”
• “Posts by my friends about dogs”

Note that Facebook is currently rolling out the improved Graph Search to a small subset of US English users who currently have Graph Search. As the company is infamous for slow roll-outs, I wouldn’t hold my breath for impending availability because it’s a soft-launch so the feature clearly isn’t ready for prime time yet.

So if you haven't received this new update on your Facebook, give it some time until it be available in your country... 

So how does everyone like the expanded Graph Search so far?


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