Facebook Is Testing iPhone Client With Graph Search, Revamps Messenger For iOS 7 Style

A week ago Facebook introduced new Graph Search which allows you to search your old posts, status, photo caption and more useful things. The company said that the new Graph Search will be coming to Facebook's app for iPhone and iPad very soon.

Today we've got a new report from Mark Gurman of 9to5mac saying that a pair of work-in-progress screenies representing the upcoming Facebook iOS update. As you can see top of post, the biggest news will be the inclusion of the much talked-about Graph Search functionality.

Graph Search is one of the most useful things Facebook made, this feature allows you to quickly search your old posts, status, photo captions, friends, notes, check-in dates and more... 

It’s a powerful feature capable of finding results from a precise query, as opposed to a web search that returns general results to a general query. Facebook has never rolled out Graph Search to mobile so that should be the reason enough for anyone to upgrade.

Gurman explains:
The first version is said to look largely similar to the Messages application bundled into iOS. That version includes green interface elements. The second version in testing, which the source says is more likely to ship to end-users, is heavy on white space and very fitting for iOS 7′s design. It is not filled with blue interface elements like the new Facebook app.
According to Gurman both Messenger app and Facebook client app will support this new Graph Search feature, beside revamps messenger for iOS 7.

The aforementioned Facebook and Messenger features are being concurrently developed for Android devices, too, the report has it. I’m very much looking forward to both redesigns.

While the current blue theme is nice and the UI is clean, Facebook feels out of place on iOS 7. It’s definitely a high time Facebook moved away from the blue theme in favor of OS-specific appearances.

So what do you think guys ? Sounds good right ? 


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