Chrome's Share Of Total iOS Web Traffics Is Doubled Since Last Year

There is too many web browsers that people use it to browse the internet searching for some hot topics or checking Facebook. But each web browser is different from the other one from speedy, stability, features and more.. People use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and even Opera, but I don't think that there is still anyone use Internet Explorer.. 

Since Google released Chrome browser, it went from zero market share to becoming the world’s most popular desktop web browser in just five years. And since its release on Apple’s iOS platform in June 2012, Chrome’s been consistently the top third-party browser on the App Store (free download).

Today we've got a new researches from Chitika which shows that Chrome’s share of web traffic coming from the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices has doubled since its release in June 2012.

In just 24 hours after Chrome release, the browser became the App Store’s most popular free app and grabbed an estimated 1.5 percent share of total iOS web traffic. Today, Google’s iOS browser accounts for three percent of total iOS web traffic…

According to Chitika, Chrome’s rise boils down to the cumulative effects of Google’s aggressive advertising campaign coupled with last month’s release of the iPhone 5s/5c and Google’s quick reaction in releasing iOS 7-optimized Chrome version.

The iOS 7 debut may have helped as well, notes Chitika:
While Chrome usage share on iOS devices rose only about 0.3 percentage points following September 22, keep in mind that iOS has an incredibly large existing user base meaning that usage changes need to be exceptionally great to cause a significant impact.
In this realm, Google still has work to do, but the recent growth is a likely indicator that Chrome is regaining some traction in the iOS browsing space.
A month after it was first released on the App Store, Google’s browser had accounted for a cool 10.3 percent of third-party browsers on the iOS platform, Chitika learned. As Apple prohibits non-standard frameworks, all those iOS browsers actually use the same WebKit engine like Safari (sans the speedy Nitro Javascript engine).
For me I always use Chrome web browser on iPhone/iPad and even on my MacBook... Long live Chrome :). What about you dude ? 


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