Camera+ 4.2: Fixes Burst Mode Crash and Brings Filters

Camera+ is one of the most widely adopted and used apps on the iOS platform, but those who had it installed in their devices were facing the problem of crashing when they tried to shoot in the burst-mood. Good news for them as the problem has been fixed in the latest version of the app – Camera+ 4.2.

Apart from fixing the burst mode issue, there are other features that have been added to the app. For example, the burst-mode photos can now be taken in HD mode and there are a variety of filters to choose from as well.

Here’s what the release notes say from the developer page
“So the previous version of Camera+ had a little bug where burst-mode shooting would crash. We fixed that. We almost stopped there and just called it version 4.0.3, but then figured that it’d be the perfect time to boost burst-mode snaps to full-resolution on devices that could handle it (like the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and the unapologetically poorly-selling iPhone 5c). 
That was enough to justify calling it version 4.1. And then we thought about jumping on the bandwagon where we put Camera+ out as a whole new app and let existing customers pay for it all over again. And of course there’d be the ensuing sh__storm where those customers felt cheated and we’d have to backpedal and reverse that shortsighted decision. 
So it was Clear that that would’ve been a knuckleheaded move, so instead we decided to treat our lovely customers fairly and make Camera+ 4.1 a free update as we’ve always done. But then we felt like it was all give and no take… so to make us feel better about giving-in too easily, we chose to call it version 4.2. That’ll teach you to mess with us. 
Then we felt bad about jumping ahead two version numbers and giving you little for your troubles. So we added a new effects pack that includes all the filters that Apple’s standard Camera and Photo apps include (for users on iOS 7). Two hours of coding (and eight trivial Core Image filters later), the Standard Effects Pack was born.”
The note may not make a lot of sense at the start, but taking a closer look shows its funny side. The developer has even sent out a strong message to Realmac Software.

The update is a welcome addition for anyone who was about to let go of the app because of frequent burst mode crashes, and it comes after the update of Apple’s iOS 7. This means the new update has been fully rendered for the latest firmware.

Camera+ is available to download for $1.99 at the App Store.


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