Bring iOS 7 "Slide to Unlock" on iOS 6 using this awesome tweak!

In firmware before iOS 7, users had to slide the unlock bar in a particular position to unlock the device, but the latest firmware empowers them to slide in any position on the lock screen to gain access, but the swipe has to made from left to right.

Users who haven’t updated to iOS 7, particularly because there is no jailbreak available (at the moment as MuscleNerd says that iOS 7.0.3 is jailbreakable), weren’t able to enjoy the slide unlock functionality, until now.

Unlock7 is a new Cydia tweak that brings the feature for devices that are not on iOS 7. Though it only presents a single function of ‘slide anywhere to unlock’, it does it pretty well. The lockscreen of the device running iOS 6 is modified and the background over the slide to unlock content is removed, giving the screen an impressive look.

Next, users can slide the finger from left to right in any position and the screen is going to be unlocked. So there is no need to rely on just using the slider for the purpose. There are no Settings to configure and this jailbreak app automatically springs into action upon installation.

Demo video (via iDB):

Grab Unlock7 free of charge from Cydia’s ModMyi repository. Let us know your thoughts if you try it out.

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