Both RadioShack And Walmart Offering iPhone 5c Discounts

Still waiting for some hot deals and discounts to buy Apple's new iPhone 5c ? Well you are lucky because both Walmart and RadioShack stores want in on the action, as both retailers have announced that they will be offering similar discounts that will allow customers to score the two-week old handset for as low as $45…
Yesterday Best Buy launched a new limited time promotion that provides a free $50 gift card to folks who purchase iPhone 5c on contract. 

RadioShack, for its part, has matched Best Buy’s offer of a free $50 gift card with any iPhone 5c on contract. In this case, however, you can use it toward the purchase of the handset. The promo is good through November 2nd.
Now Walmart has outright dropped the price of the 16GB iPhone 5c down to $45. That’s a better deal than both RadioShack and Best Buy, and it’s good through the holidays. Again, it’s in-store only and requires a contract.

It is your own chance ! It is very difficult to find such great discounts on Apple's devices, so get your credit card and order Apple's new iPhone 5c.


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