Blue screen of death for some iPhone 5s owners!

In the last few days, there have been reports about an issue regarding iPhone 5s related to the iWork productivity suite. Users have been reporting that their phone restarts every time when they open Numbers, Keynote app or Apple Pages. The problem is not only limited to iWorks, but also extends to third party apps.

The Apple support forums also include a thing or two about iPhone 5s entering a blue screen before its respringed, indicating that it’s the Blue Screen of Death. Apple is still yet to say anything on the matter.

A user also mentioned on Apple support forums that when he presses the Home button to switch to Keynote, Pages and Numbers, the device restarts. The problem is only with iPhone 5s, and wiping and restoring the phone as a new one won’t solve the matter either.

Things look bad. Some users have continued to face the issue even after they received a replacement unit from the Apple Store. This may purport it to be a software bug, or perhaps an iOS 7 system-wide error as some forums on MacRumors reveal that the device resprings with third-party apps like ESPN, Nike+, Facebook and others. And the bug is expected to be worse for some more than the others.

The most affected ones are those who use Pages, Keynote and Numbers in their daily routine. One of the suggestions to counter the issue is to switch of iCloud document syncing and back up iWork .doc before the Home button is pressed. The iCloud sync for apps of iWork can be switched off by:

Settings – iCloud – Documents & Data, and switch OFF Pages, Keynotes and Numbers.

Another suggestion is to bring up the App Switcher by double tapping the Home button.

NOTE: What may work for one user may not work for the other.

The problem is a big one because users can download previously paid Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie and iPhone applications free on purchasing a new device, but they will feel outdone when they see this issue.

However, some previous iOS versions have also been prone to the issue and there have been red screen of death on iPads for some users.

At the moment, the issue surrounding the iPhone 5s may be because Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps will be running in 32-bit on the 64-bit processor of the iPhone, because the problem is not there on old iPhone models.

This shows issues can surround any mobile OS software. iPhone 5s didn’t allow iTunes purchases with the use of fingerprints, so Apple released iOS 7.0.1 to fix the issue. And iOS 7.0.2 was released to fix Lock Screen vulnerability. Now iOS 7.1 is also expected in next few weeks.

Have you experienced blue screen of death with iWorks?


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