Blockbuster iPhone 6 will feature 5-inch 440 PPI 1920*1080p screen

We’ve covered reports about the big screen iPhone coming in 2014, and this seems to be true because ever new rumor and report is about a large display. The latest report comes from the Macotakara, which cites a report from a computer magazine in Japan: Mac Fan 2013 December. 

According to the source, the next iPhone from Apple is going to come with a 5-inch 440 PPI 1080p display screen.

The excerpt essentially says that it is going to be an iPhone 6, and though Apple will go for a big LCD, the company is going to keep the two sides of the screen as thin as they can, which may allow them to promote the handset as the first Phablet in the market that can be operated with one hand.

The shipping time expected is to be September 2014.

Gene Munster’s Piper Jaffary has also favored a large screen ‘blockbuster’ iPhone 6, but he thinks the device is going to come much earlier; around summer time.

Would you like to see an iPhone phablet? Feel free to leave comments.


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