Argus Developer Talks About The Power of iPhone 5s M7 chip

Apple has been quite vocal about the new M7 chip saying that it will take the load of the A7 64-bit chip. Power savings will result because it can use gyroscope, compass sensors and accelerometer to log the data. 

How did it do that was unknown until Argus made way on the App Store. The app was optimized to rely on the new M7 chip.

9to5Mac’s occasional blogger Scott Buscemi was able to get product manager of the app Peter Kuhar from Azumio for an interview. The fitness app has been the first of its kind to use API level support from the new M7 chip.

The Argus app uses 20 to 30% battery life each day, but after it was optimized for M7, it can run in the background without eating up the battery and standby time of 250 hours and 3G talk time of 10 hours won’t be affected. This has been made possible because the app doesn’t only reply on A7 processor to check number of steps taken or the GPS.

M7 is also being considered by Android handset manufacturers. It can be expected that the chip will make way to high end Android phones as well.

As for developers, they need to use the new APIs that are present with iOS 7 SDK, because they allow for app registration in way that doesn’t affect battery life. Apple also says the APIs are smart enough to detect motion of running, driving or walking.
“Health and fitness apps can take advantage of that data to give users performance and workout results, and navigation apps can use it to change the type of directions they provide,” writes the firm.
The developer behind Argus said it can remember information of steps taken of up to 7 days. And the data can be retrieved if the user wants.

Motion Activity is a section that can be accessed through Settings > Privacy. Apps first have to ask for user permission, but the Argus developer and Apple hints that M7 users motion data regardless of the app’s consent.

Also, Chipworks went inside the iPhone 5s, reveling Apple re-branded the chip from another company.

Apple also says Nike’s Move app will be using M7 later in the year.


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