Apps Have A Double Chance To Crash On iPhone 5s Compared to iPhone 5c/5

While the iPhone 5s is high in demand, it is not exactly free from vulnerability, and this has been made evident by the study that says that apps can crash twice the time compared to the ones on iPhone 5c/5.

This is likely because of the A7 64-bit + iOS 7 64-bit + 32-bit aps. Apps on iPhone 5s 64-bit are accompanied by a 2% crash rate. But iPhone 5c or 5, the crash rate is 1% and the devices run A6 chip + iOS 7 64-bit.
The reason behind iPhone 5s app crashes may be the fact that developers didn’t have enough time to try and test on the 64-bit hardware. The test versions for the 32-bit versions were released much earlier.
Cittercism CEO says the problem was foreseen, as Apple instantly shift to new 64-bit software and hardware.
Andrew Levy also noted the PC-shift to 64-bit, which required extra efforts from the developers. Now the word is that Apple is aware of the issue and perhaps may come with a workaround. Apple support forums also show complains regarding app crashes.
Perhaps transforming the code of 32-bit apps into 64-bit leads to increase use of memory, because iOS 7 running on iPhone 5s has 64-bit and 32-bit kernels, so frameworks may lead to increased memory usage. But when apps are made exclusively for 64-bit, the 32-bit remains untapped, leading to less memory used.
It will take a while because the developers have just started to make the transition. Apple says:
. “it is to everyone’s benefit that all apps running on 64-bit devices be compiled for the 64-bit runtime, especially apps that support background processing.”

Apple has also listed a transition guide for developers.
Check out iPhone 5s blue screen of death:
So far, only a few developers have really adapted to the 64-bit infrastructure, while others have only focused on iOS 7 redesign. The numbers are however expected to improve in next few months.

We previously detailed app crashes on the iPhone 5s, based on a growing thread on Apple’s support forums (here and here).
So have you been facing this problem on your iPhone 5s ?


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