Apple’s profits are higher than Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and LG combined

Samsung may have shipped 3 times more phone units then Apple, but Cupertino’s profits are much higher, even when compared with Samsung, Nokia, LG, Huawei, Motorola and Lenovo combined. 

The 33.8 million iPhone sales in Q4, 2013 contributed to the profit stat according to a report. The same report also mentioned how reports can be manipulated to say that Apple is losing ground on Android.

Apple’s operating profit of above $10 million was taken as a sign of weakening by several news outlets, but AppleInsider has reported that this profit is par above Samsung and rest of Apple’s competitors.
Apple actually earned enough more to have beaten not only Samsung Mobile (…$6.3 billion), but also the phone businesses of Nokia Devices and Services (-$118M), LG (-$75M) and Google’s Motorola (-$192M).
And commenting on Strategy Analytics press release that stated that Samsung shipped 120.1 million handsets, 3.5 times greater than iPhone shipments, AppleInsider said:
That means that Apple’s 33.8 million iPhone sales earned more money for the company than Samsung’s 120.1 million, Nokia’s 64.6 million, LG’s 14.4 million and Huawei’s 12.1 million phones sales combined.
The source also says that ‘global mobile phone’ was mentioned in the pro-Samsung note rather than smartphones. And this also permits the inclusion of Nokia into rankings.

The report also says that Samsung made most profits from devices like Galaxy Y, which are even below iPhone 3G in terms of performance. Strategy Analytics also said that sales of Galaxy S4 have been disappointing. They smartly disguised it with ‘softening markets’. Consumers are less likely to believe press releases in future, and depend more on ads, something that Samsung manipulates as well.


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