Apple To Increase iPhone 5s Production By 75%, Cutting 5c By 35%

A couple of weeks ago we reported to you that Apple will be cutting iPhone 5c production to half and it looks like that the number is decreasing and passing the half. According to a new report from Marketing research firm NPD DisplaySearch, the report says that Apple is telling its suppliers to cut iPhone 5c production and increase 5s output.
This is not the first report we hear that Apple is cutting the iPhone 5c production. Most of people are now ordering iPhone 5s for it's new fingerprint sensor Touch ID and nice performances. 

From yesterday’s research note (via AllThingsD):
“The diverging fates of Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c have been widely reported, and our latest channel checks confirm that Apple indeed has cut back 5c production by 35% and increased 5s production by 75%.
…While the fate of the iPhone 5c is still to be determined, the iPhone 5s is doing quite well, indicating that Apple still has a strong hardcore base for its premium devices. It is worth mentioning that iPhone 5 production is scheduled to end Q3 2013; iPhone 4s’s end of life is still to be determined, as it still receives orders of 1 to 2 million units per month and only recently started selling in Indonesia.”
DisplaySearch’s report follows a similar one from The Wall Street Journal, which also noted the increases and decreases in 5s/5c orders. And they both echo a story from C Technology.

The consensus from much of the tech world seems to be that Apple cutting 5c orders is a sign that it’s not selling well, but there are also several valid counter-arguments to this theory.

So can we say that Apple is killing iPhone 5c slowly ? But why ? 


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