Apple store is down just before the iPad event!

We recently posted the live stream details and some of the international timings of today’s event. Prior to the launch up, Apple has taken the Apple Store off the web, as usual, for updating it ahead of the iPad event today. Also, Apple has also taken iWork for iCloud off the web, and says that it will be back live within few hours and will include several ‘great new features’. 

Moreover, Apple has also made an update for its home page, and it now includes the event promotion:

As mentioned above, the event is going to be streamed live and will be accessible to all Mac and iOS device users. Furthermore, we will also be posting regular updates throughout the event as it happens.

When the Apple Store comes back live, we expect the new iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display, iPad 5, perhaps an Apple TV and a couple of MacBook Pros to be listed. What do you think?


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