Apple Seeds New OS X Mavericks Golden Master To Developers

Still hoping to download and install OS X Mavericks on your new Mac ? Probably you've been waiting a lot of months as OS X Mavericks was in Beta version which means you can't download it unless you are a developer. Anyway today you will be happy to know that Apple has just seeded OS X Mavericks Golden master (Latest beta) to developers and it is available for download now.

Apple labeled this version as "GM", also known as Golden Master, which essentially means that this is the same build that users will see. It also usually means that a launch isn’t too far behind…
Developers can download OS X Mavericks GM from Apple’s Mac Dev Center.

While Mavericks didn’t get the design overhaul that iOS 7 did, it did get a number of new features including a tabbed Finder, Safari improvements, and desktop Maps and iBooks apps.

So have you downloaded OS X Mavericks GM on your Mac ?


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