Apple Said To Cut iPhone 5c Production In Half

To be honest with you guys, since the low cost iPhone 5c is here, it didn't achieve the desired profits for Apple. The company announced that the pricing for the plastic iPhone 5c would only come in $100 less than its flagship 5s, the entire tech world let out a harmonious gasp. The handset, which we had all known about for months prior, was supposed to retail in the $300 range.
Since the iPhone 5c is here, we didn't hear Apple announcing any sales number for the iPhone 5c, but why ? A new report has just surfed the web claiming that the company is cutting production in half…

Chinese web site C Technology (via CNET) is reporting that Apple has cut its production orders for the iPhone 5c from 300K units per day, to 150K. The report is, of course, unconfirmed, but it’s worth noting that the site has offered accurate Apple intel in the past.
While the precise reason is unknown, it’s believed that Apple cut production due to dismal 5c sales. Keep in mind that the company uses multiple suppliers for its products, so this in no way confirms the theory, but it’s no secret that the iPhone 5c is still very available.

I personally think there are way too many unknown variables here to say definitively that the iPhone 5c isn’t selling as well as Apple expected. It’s very possible that things are going exactly as planned. The only problem is that either way, ‘production cuts’ make for bad PR.

What do you think guys ?


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