Apple new remote icon in iTunes: iOS 7 update on the horizon?

Microsoft has already released their new Remote app, but most of iOS enthusiasts are waiting for Apple to update the Remote app for iOS 7. And it looks like the wait isn’t going to be quite long, because Apple may be about to release the utility update soon.

Why do we say this? It’s because a redesigned icon has been discovered in iTunes – first pointed out by a reader of 9to5Mac. This icon is visible in the latest version of iTunes – 11.1.2, when you add a new remote.

To see the icon yourself, follow this short guide:
  • Download the latest version of iTunes (you can read our guide to know more about it).
  • Open iTunes on the Windows or Mac and the Remote app on the iDevice. 
  • Turn on Home Sharing on both of them and also make sure both are connected to the Wi-Fi. 
  • In the Remote app on the top right corner, there will a Settings icon visible. Tap it and choose ‘Add an iTunes Library’. 
  • The latest step is to press the ‘Devices’ section at the left of the iTunes store section in the latest version of iTunes. Now the new Remote icon will be presented in the drop-down menu. This will be very unique compared to the icon of the iOS app, and suggests that an iOS 7 update is on the way.
However, there’s no official confirmation, but it does lead to speculation. Also, iPhoto and GarageBand new icons were there in iCloud before they got a makeover. This may follow the same trend.

We would also like to see Apple update Find My Friends for iOS 7. What do you think?

(via iDB)


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