5-inch iPhone 6 to be launched next summer! (report)

Gene Muster renowned analyst Piper Jaffary has given out a new note to investors stating that Apple is going to unveil a ‘blockbuster’ iPhone, probably the iPhone 6, next summer with a larger display. The source of the report is Business Insider.

A recent claim from ETNews also suggests that the 4-inch display of the iPhone will get an upgrade to 5-inches. While a report from Wall Street Journal stated that Apple was carrying out investigations of screen sizes starting from 4.8 inches to 6-inches.

Another analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s research note to investors also pointed towards a 4.5-inch to 5-inch iPhone, purported for the release in 2014.

Munster says that the next iPhone will have a $640 price. He also says that stocks went low last year from December Q to March Q, but he thinks the iPhone 5s demand will go through a sustainable phase, also helped by the reports of the iPhone 6.

His note also has a mention of the purported iWatch and a television set, which should keep the stock price afloat. The note to the investors comes before Apple’s earnings announcement scheduled to take place on Monday.

Would you like to see a 5-inch iPhone 6?


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