22nd October Event Expectations; iPad 5, iPad Mini 2, Mavericks, Macbook Pro and Mac Pro

Most of you may already know that 22nd October, 2013 is the date when Apple is expected to release the new iPads – The iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2. However, there is uncertainty whether Apple is going to release Mac Pros or MacBooks.

The focus of the event is expected to be the new iPads. It was expected that Apple was going to change the outside design only, but considering the fact that Apple is holding a separate iPad event and it’s exclusive for the tablet, there are major upgrades expected in both of the tablets.
For iPad 5, some features that have been unknown so far will be featured as well, such as the touch ID in iPhone 5s. A new outer shell, a smaller device profile and perhaps the touch ID. Eventually every device that Apple will make in the future will have Touch ID, but we’re not sure it will feature on any of the new iPads. The processor is said to be A7 or A7X.
In case of iPad Mini, it is expected that it will feature a Retina Display, considering the fact that Nexus tablet is already shipping with the Retina. However, supply is expected to be limited, just as it is with the gold iPhone 5s. The newest A7 64-bit doesn’t make sense for iPad Mini as it is a less expensive device, so Apple isn’t expected to put the premium features in a low-cost device. Instead, the iPad Mini 2 is expected the A6X chip, which will bring it in line with the chip on the iPad 4.
And those of you who are owners of iPad 3 and want to upgrade should sell iPad 3 immediately because Apple is expected to drop its price.
Coming over to OS Mavericks, it’s just expected to be announced.
MacBook Pro would do well if the speed is upgraded and the machine receives a new DVD drive. Not sure if Apple will announce it at the media event. However, rumors show that it might be coming, perhaps by Christmas.
Mac Pro is expected to debut at the media event however. The baseline Mac Pro has SSDs, but doesn’t have an aluminum case, so it might cost less to manufacture. Rather it is made from thermal coal. The price is roughly expected to be between $2000 and $3000. Apple has been hyping it up a little bit, with some adverts releasing in movie theaters as well.
That’s all expectations about 22nd October event. Are you excited?


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