This New iOS 7-Inspired OS X Redesign Looks Fantastic

Mac OS X users gonna love the following iOS 7 inspired redesign look for OS X, Edgar Rios is not only a Photoshop whizz, but also pretty good at imagining the future. Extrapolating from iOS 7, Edgar has come up with what he thinks could be the next version of the Mac OS, and I really, really like it.
The next Mac OS, concept based on iOS 7 ! Edgar decided to make a new concept based on iOS 7 but this time for Apple's next Mac OS update and those users who updated their devices to iOS 7 will probably wish to see something like this on their Macs...
First off is the look of the OS, which is flat and colorful (although the Finder sidebar items could do with a lick of paint). But more impressive are the revamped Notification Center, with its frosted-glass looks, and the new Control Center.
The actual elements included in the Control Center aren’t so useful: who needs brightness and volume sliders when there are hardware keys on the keyboard to adjust screen and sound? But the album artwork looks nice, and the menu item shortcuts might be handy for non power users. Why, it’s a lot like the customizable Apple menu of old.

Wonderful isn't it ? A nice concept, wonderful iOS 7 inspired redesign... Would you like to see something like the above design on your Mac OS X ? Share your thoughts and let us know your opinion about this concept.


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