Check Out These Simple Tips For Maximizing iPad Battery Life

iPad users wish to make their iPad last even longer and to enjoy using it for 6-7 hours without seeing any drain battery. Today I am going to show you an eleven simple tips for maximizing your iPad battery life and I can tell you that these 11 simple tips that you may already know are truly working very great on the iPad and makes it save a lot of battery even when you are not using it..
1: Control On Your iPad's screen Brightness
Controlling the brightness on your iPad is a very important thing and you should look after it. In the multitasking you will find a Brightness controller where you can decrease/Increase the brightness of your iPad... 
  • Double-tap the Home button and swipe to the left controls to access the brightness slider, slide it leftwards to reduce brightness

Make sure you keep your iPad's brightness as low as possible for the best battery life. Just like when extending battery on an iPhone, this single tip makes the most difference of all, because the backlit display is one of the most significant drains to battery longevity.

In iOS 7 you will be able to quickly to adjust the brightness from your iPad using the Control Center.

2: Set A Low Brightness Level And Turn Auto-Brightness Feature

One of the features that Apple made is the auto brightness feature, but that's great because you will be able to reduce your iPad battery even more. So here's what should you do...
  • Go to Settings---> "Brightness And Wallpapers" and make sure to turn off the Auto Brightness feature.. 
Do note that turning off auto-brightness will have the opposite effect if you set the brightness level too high, because it will prevent the iPad from adjusting itself down when in dim light.

3: Be Aggressive With Turning Of Your iPad Screen
Not using your iPad ? What about turning it off instead of wasting battery ? All what you have to do is to hit the black button above to lock the screen and save your iPad's battery. A lot of people keep the iPad switching on and they forgot to lock it..

4: Use Screen-Auto Lock Feature

Auto lock feature is very very useful and I mean it, with auto-lock you will be able to make your iPad to automatically turn off the screen after a specific time you put it. You can make your iPad switch off after 2 minutes, 5 minutes up to 15 minutes...

It is a very great feature and you should use it: 
  • Go to Settings--->General---> Auto-lock and adjust the time you want your iPad to switch off.
This basically means if your iPad is left alone for 2 minutes or longer, the screen will lock itself, which if you’re concerned about battery is what you want. This is all the more important if at some point you set the screen to never dim or auto-lock, which drains battery quite fast.

5: Turn off Any Unnecessary Notifications And Screen Alerts

Unnecessary notifications and screen alerts will cause a drain battery for your iPad, so try as possible to turn off any useless notifications and screen alerts you don't need it. So there is a lot of few little things you should make it in the settings... 
  •  Go To Settings---> Notifications and then scroll down until you reach Notification Center.
  • Tap individual apps you want to stop alerts for, and flip the “Notification Center” switch to OFF.
By making these steps you will be able to reduce the number of notifications you receive from apps..

6: Deny Locations Usage & Turn off Location Services

Many apps I install on my iPad tell me that they want to access to location data, and while on something like the iPhone that could make sense, on the iPad it’s much more rare. The iPad isn’t the iPhone, and realistically, it rarely needs your location to perform functions, thus you should be much more aggressive with denying Location requests. When an app asks for Locaiton data, think, does this really need my location to work? If the answer is probably not, choose “Don’t Allow”.
  • Go to Settings---> Location Services--> And then switch on the location services
  • Right now you will be able to turn off the apps you don't want it to access the location service data.
Try to turn off the location services for any unused app to reduce your iPad's battery life...

7: Turn on The Percentage Indicator.

Ok, so this isn’t going to save any battery directly, but it does give you a much better idea of how fast things are draining and how much time you have left and it’s just a good thing to have enabled:
  • Go to Settings--->General---> Usage and flip "Battery Percentage" To on
The percentage indicator is also a good way to easily measure the impact of certain apps usage, and if you see a percent or two tick away rather quickly when using a particular app, you can make a decision as to whether or not it’s necessary given your current battery needs.

8: Kill Unnecessary Apps From The App Switcher

You open an app and the quit it and enter another app and so on... But you didn't realize that apps you thought you have already closed it is still running and reducing your iPad's battery life... So what should you do ?? All what you have to do is killing apps you don't use it right now from the multitasking... 
  • Double tap on the home-button and hold your hand on any app until they start dancing. 
  • Simply tap on the "-" red button to kill any app you want.. 
These are the most important tips you should use it to protect your iPad from drain battery, I am sure they will help you and you will feel a big difference after making them...

So what do you think ?


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