Tokyo Game Show 2012 Unveils the New Slimmer and Lighter PlayStation 3

TGS never fails to impress its attendees every year and this year the new lighter and smaller PlayStation 3 model was unveiled with an amazing bundle. This new model simply looks stunning.

It is about 20% smaller in size and 25% lighter than the original PlayStation 3 console. The design is, as I said before, stunning, because it has a sharper look to it now.

This new model is going to be out in two packages: 250GB and 500GB, along with exciting bundles and gift vouchers. Now the holiday season is just around the corner and I believe that 250GB and 500GB HDDs will do justice to your DLC cravings. With all new and exciting launch titles coming your way and tons of DLC, this is exactly what the developers had in mind. Apart from the HD space these consoles come with added value.

The 250GB version will be available by the 25th of this month for $269.99. This version will include Uncharted 3 and Dust 514 Bundle. As Uncharted 3’s game of the year edition will be re-released later this week it will include all new multiplayer maps, skins and modes. Same will be the case with Dust 514.

The 500GB version will be launched on October 30th for $299 and will include Assassins Creed III re-release bundle.

There is a lot to look forward to this holiday season and PlayStation fans across the globe are really excited with the TGS 2012 unveil. And if you don’t own a PS3, this is a perfect chance to avail and get the most out of your holiday shopping.


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