Next Gen iPhone Proven More Scratch-resistant (Test Video)

We are a few weeks from the anticipated date for the next gen iPhone release and the tech world is highly analyzing and speculating what Apple will bring to the new iPhone. In a detailed comparison between the iPhone 4S front panel and that of the yet to come "iPhone 5", ETrade Supply reports that the 4.065-inch panel is 0.1mm thinner, and it has a 0.3mm smaller home button, while the area surrounding the entire home button area shrinks from 18.00mm to 15.40mm.

First of all let’s see the display screen. From the picture, we can see that the iPhone 5 glass lens is 90.25mm long, 51.60mm wide, while iPhone 4S is 76.65mm and 51.60mm. The display area enlarges from 3.61 inches to 4.065 inches. The LCD screen can be a little smaller, and that will be around 4 inches. What’s important, the resolution ratio of iPhone 5 glass lens is around 16:9, which will be a big change for iPhone.
ETrade also reports that “The area surrounding the earpiece on the opposite end of the display also shrunk, allowing Apple to minimize the overall size of the iPhone while increasing the display size.”

In short, Apple is looking to bring a bigger display to a smaller phone.A lot of those awaiting the new iPhone were concerned the bigger display would mean a bigger phone. According to this report, Apple is aware of the issue and working on it.

ETrade in their report also claim that The much smaller light sensor hole is moved from the top to the left side of receiver,and that the iPhone 5 front panel has improved scratch-resistance.

(via MacRumors and iPhoneinCanada)


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