Amazing iPad 3 Concept (video)

Just yesterday, Apple sent out a media event invites to be held in San Francisco on March 7th where the iPad 3 will make a debut, the guys at Aatma Studio have released a killer iPad 3 concept.

As you know, we only have a release date for the iPad 3, but all the specs are still sheer speculations and rumors, probably will continue as so till March 7th. The creators of this ipad 3 concept have posted a video showcasing the concept in action and we agree, it`s simply amazing.

As you can see, the iPad 3 is depicted as an edge-to-edge screen, having a polished display and infra ray keyboard controls.In the video, two iPad 3s have been put together to play a 3D football match with laser- beamed controls at either side of each device.

Although we would love to see this March 7th, the technology used, the laser-beamed controls, are a long way off now, but possibly in the future.

A quick recap guys for the specs we know so far, the iPad 3 scheduled to launch on March 7th is rumored to feature a Retina Display, a larger battery, a better processor and an 8 megapixel camera. All these upgrades are bound to deliver one device worthy of the name Apple.

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