Siri Live On iPhone 4 And iPod Touch 4G !!!. [Step By Step]

How to install Siri on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G? Is it the hard question? Well, it is the simple one now, Just follow our full step by step guide shown below.

!!!! According to CD Team Siri is porting for iPhone 4 !!!! According to the video the process is very simple, their is no need for jailbreak tutorial steps, and the tutorial is more suitable for all guys who have no experience.

This full port of Siri is made for iPhone 4 GSM & CDMA versions and iPod Touch 4G only. Other devices are currently not supported.

STEP 1: First of, you’ll need an iPhone 4 or iPod touch running iOS 5 / iOS 5.0.1. You can check our iOS firmware download page here.

STEP 2: You’ll also need to jailbreak your iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4G by using our guide posted here for iOS 5.

STEP 3: Once jailbroken, head to Cydia then Manage, Sources, Edit and finally hit Add.

STEP 4: Write the following repository and hit add:



Get back to Cydia and search for H1Siri and install it. It will take some time since it weighs 109 MB.

STEP 6: After successful installation, give your device a reboot.

STEP 7: Now go to Settings, General, Siri and switch it to on.

Now to the VIDEO:
.'s note: If you have previously installed a jailbreak tweak known as “Siri0us” which installed Siri dictation on iOS 5 devices, it’s better to remove it to prevent crashing and conflicting.


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