Before any talking:

  • Backup will let you able to restore your device without losing any data. 
  • This tutorial is the same for Mac and Windows and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • We can make our backup our data by 2 instructions that will help you to back up your date to be more certain about your content:
  1. With iCloud
  2. With iTunes.
Note: you have to know also that this instructions also support your iPhone, iPod and iPad , and can’t be done without Wi-Fi source.

Our 1st Note: For iPhone users, iTunes have a default option that will automatically create a backup each time you connect your iPhone to your computer.

Our 2nd Note: If you want to manually create an iPhone backup though, follow the steps below:

How To backup Your iPhone, iPod and iPad Using iTunes:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer using USB cable.

Step 2: Launch iTunes

Step 3: Select your iPhone from the left bar list and right Click on it and Select “Back Up”

Step 4: Now your device will start backing up you can take a cup of tea until the end of the back up.

How to Backup your iPhone, iPod and iPad using iCloud :

Step 1: Connect your Device to a WiFi source.

Step 2: Go to Settings – Wi-Fi – Turn ON – Choose your Wi-Fi source.

Step 3: Tap settings again then tap on “iCloud” and scroll to the bottom

Step 4: Tap on “Storage & Backup”

Step 5: Navigate down and tap on “Back Up Now”

Our Last Note: 
iOS will give you a progress bar to watch the percentage of progress but remember that your i-device is connect to a Wi-Fi source.


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