Apple installing safes in its retail stores to keep gold Apple Watch

Apple will house those pricey Apple Watch “Edition” units in safes overnight, according to the well-informed blogger Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac. Unnamed sources told the author that each Apple retail store that’ll carry the device is going to be outfitted with safes designed to keep the most pricey version of the wrist-worn device protected from theft while charging overnight. The Apple Watch “Edition” features a case crafted from 18-karat gold.

Saurik response to Comex’s Cydia Substrate replacement, comments on new features coming to Cydia

A few hours ago we've seen the popular iOS hacker Comex the guy behind JailbreakMe said that he is working on a Cydia Substrate alternative. As expected, Jay “saurik” Freeman has posted a lengthy response to Comex’s Cydia Substrate replacement strategy. In the post, which appears on his personal blog, he outlines some of the history he’s had with Comex, why open source isn’t always best, and drops hints on several new upcoming Cydia features.

Apple wants some Watch apps ready in two weeks

If catching the Apple Watch out in the real world isn’t enough, perhaps a sign that developers are being cued up to have their apps ready for a quick turn-around is. According to sources who spoke to MacRumors on condition of anonymity, Apple told certain developers to have their Watch apps ready by mid-February.

Famous iPhone Hacker Comex working on Cydia Substrate alternative called Substitute for iMods

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard Comex’s name be associated with jailbreaking, but he’s back, and in a fairly large and controversial way. The creator of JailbreakMe is working with the team behind iMods—a Cydia alternative—to develop a Mobile (Cydia) Substrate replacement called Substitute. On the surface, it may not sound like much, but this could have far-reaching consequences on jailbreaking as we currently know it.

How to downgrade from iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.1.2

Did you accidentally updated your iPhone to the newly released iOS 8.1.3 ? However there is too many reasons you may want to downgrade your iPhone to a previous version before getting late, the main reason is that iOS 8.1.3 kills TaiG jailbreak which means you will not be able to jailbreak any more..

Call Enhancer: ensures that you don’t call a contact accidentally

It happens to most of us all the time. You put your iPhone in your pocket or held it in your hand while it was unlocked and found out that it called your contacts accidentally? This has happened to me several times and if it’s the same case for you as well, you should consider checking out a new jailbreak tweak known as Call Enhancer.

Photos for Mac goes from “early 2015” to “available at a later date”

Remember the desktop Photos app that Apple announced alongside Yosemite last year? We were promised an “early 2015″ launch, but Apple has how taken down all of the Photos teaser pages from its website. Don’t worry, though; that doesn’t mean it’s no longer coming.

Apple has sold over one billion iOS devices to date

On Tuesday, January 27, Apple announced its official first quarter 2015 earnings, and afterwards revealed individual details that ultimately lifted those incredibly high numbers.

FCC to hotels: blocking Wi-Fi hotspots is illegal!

The Federal Communications Commission has issued an “Enforcement Advisory” that prohibits hotels and other businesses to block Wi-Fi access points created by their guests. The advisory comes after Marriott had asked the body to let it block unauthorised Wi-Fi APs created by its guests.

iOS 8.1.3 kills TaiG Jailbreak; most likely PP Jailbreak as well

Apple has posted a support page on the security content of the just-released iOS 8.1.3, confirming fears that the firmware effectively breaks the TaiG jailbreak tool. In the page, the company credits the TaiG Jailbreak Team for discovering four vulnerabilities patched in the update.

Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 with improved Wi-Fi, Spotlight security fix and more

Along with iOS 8.1.3, Apple today also released an update to OS X Yosemite. The update, titled OS X Update 10.10.2, fixes a number of issues, including an annoying Wi-Fi problem, adds iCloud Drive in Time Machine and more.

iOS 8.1.3 Download Available With Bugs Fixes, Reduced free space requirements and more

Apple has released iOS 8.1.3 this morning, after weeks of extensive testing. The release notes say that the update includes increased stability and performance improvements, as well as various major bug fixes. It also reduces the amount of storage required to perform updates.

iPhone 6 beats 6 Plus and all its predecessors in speaker volume test [video]

If you’re a long-time iPhone user, you’ll know Apple makes improvements to its smartphone loudspeakers almost every year. It’s not too surprising, then, that the iPhone 6 has the loudest speaker so far — but how much louder is it then its predecessors? Find out in the video below.

MasterCard is bringing Apple Pay to the PGA Tour

MasterCard announced on Monday that it’s bringing Apple Pay to the PGA Tour, starting with the Waste Management Phoenix Open in Phoenix, Arizona later this week.

Stanford makes ‘Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift’ course available on iTunes U

Apple’s Swift programming language, which was unveiled by the company not too long ago, has reportedly seen “unprecedented growth” by some individuals tasked with looking at that sort of thing.

Apple to reportedly start shipping Apple Watch and 12-inch MacBook Air in March

Pretty accurate KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a brand new note to clients. In it, he confirmed an earlier report calling for a March release date of the Apple Watch (remember, Apple’s retail boss mentioned a vague Spring release date).

EasySpring2: Provides a quick way to respring/restart your iPhone

I think it is a bad idea that you can only shutdown your iPhone and turn it on, that's it. But now and with EasySpring2 jailbreak tweak which is developed by TheNinjaprawn that responds to this issue. The tweak provides  a quick way for respringing or restarting your device as well as make your device enter Safe Mode in case you’ve installed a buggy tweak.

It seems 12″ MacBook Air’s logo doesn’t glow

Chinese website iFanr has published several photos of what it claims is the display assembly of the rumored 12-inch MacBook Air.

T-Mobile’s Smartphone Equality gives everyone access to best deals, no credit check required

Getting a new smartphone on a postpaid plan usually always means that a credit check is involved, and often enough that means that many potential subscribers are hit with large up-front costs, or denial of service altogether.

Microsoft: Windows 10 will be a free upgrade, with a caveat

On Wednesday, January 21, Microsoft took the stage at a small media briefing for its next major OS release, Windows 10. Realizing Windows has long been losing its momentum ever since that Vista train wreck in 2005, the Redmond-based software giant surprised attendees of its press event this morning by announcing that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade from Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 7.
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