The Best Jailbreak Tweaks for Notification Center on iOS 7

To be honest with you guys, Apple truly made a huge upgrade within notification center in iOS 7, compared to one in iOS 6. Thankfully there is still some room for improvements. Just like iOS 6, there is many popular tweaks that will enhance iOS 7 notification center and allows you to customize it however you like, adding awesome widgets and more..

iOS 8 beta 5 boasts support for 3x image assets, hints at iPhone 6′s new resolution

After a long waiting time, Apple has finally announced unveiling iPhone 6 on September 9 and we could also see a wearable iWatch beside the new iPhone. But there is still many questions remain in our minds about the next gen iPhone. Specifically, what might the larger display boast as a resolution? A new find within the iOS 8 beta may indicate a change is indeed coming.

Functional 4.7-inch iPhone 6 Shown Off on Video (Update)

Modified iPhone vendor Feld & Volk has posted a video this afternoon of what is believed to be a complete 4.7-inch iPhone 6. The firm, which has demonstrated its ability to get its hands on rare parts in the past, says it constructed the device from leaked parts.

Facebook Now Testing Graph Search on mobile with ability to resurface old content by keyword

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Facebook the huge social network is now testing a new feature that would let people using its mobile apps search through old posts from friends by keyword.

New Purported Images Show iPhone 6's A8 Processor

New images has just published on Weibo showing Apple's redesigned A8 Proceesor said to power the iPhone 6 and new iPads may have been finally photographed. Serving as the engine powering the next wave of iPhone and iPad device, the in-house designed A8 processor is said to be clocked at two or more GHz per core, if Chinese media is to be believed.

This Samsung Ad Claims Galaxy Tab S is thinner, lighter and brighter than iPad Air

The war between Apple and Samsung isn't over yet and I think it will never end. Earlier today Samsung has just published a new YouTube ad and no surprisingly, it is going after Apple's iPad Air. In the ad, the host asks people on the streets of New York City to take the Galaxy Tab S for a test drive, and compare it with the iPad Air.

BlurSlide: Gives A Gorgeous look to your "Slide To Unlock" Slider

I love changing my iPhone's UI elements and customize them however I like. BlurSlide is another jailbreak tweak that gives you a new look to your "Slide To Unlock" slider, adding a group of features to the default slider.

Apple Starts Sending out Invites for September 9 Event "Wish We Could Say More"

We all have been waiting for any word from Apple to confirm September 9 event. Earlier today Apple has just started sending out invites for September 9 media event and it is entitled as "Wish we could say more". The invite is pretty straightforward, with the Apple logo, and the date..

Another iPhone 6 Parts reveal larger speaker, embedded Apple logo and redesigned vibrator

Earlier today a group of images has just surfed on the web hint at several design choices Apple engineers took in order to make the device more sleeker and thinner than its predecessor.

Square Cash: Send Money via Text Message [Review]

Transferring money from one person to another has been a hard thing for many people who don't love going to banks, speaking with agents and so on... Nowaday you can send money to someone you know using a text message only, this can be done by downloading Cash application on your iPhone.

GhostPrefs: Enhances Snapchat Features on iPhone

If you are a hard Snapchat user then you probably should check out GhostPrefs jailbreak tweak that will take the app into a higher level of smartness adding too many great features and improvements. For those who aren't familiar with Snapchat, it is a popular social network that allows you to send videos, photos, instant messages that disappear after a predetermined number of seconds.

Apple Will Reportedly Release a 12.9-Inch iPad Early Next Year

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is preparing to release a 12.9-inch iPad for early next year. Citing people with “knowledge of the matter,” the outlet says that the company’s suppliers are gearing up now, with production of the tablet scheduled to begin by the first quarter of next year.

Is This The new iPhone 6 ? [Video]

We have to interrupt original programming this afternoon with a breaking exclusive mega scoop from YouTuber Doldo411. Likely from a covert mission into Apple’s Cupertino campus, the scoop master has gotten his hands on the iPhone 6 before the rest of the world – and it looks like a doozie.

A closer look at Safari’s new features and improvements In iOS 8

Safari web browser is one of the main apps that Apple focus on improving it in every new iOS. In the last few betas of iOS 8 that Apple released in the past few months, Safari browser received a lot of new features and improvements that you should take a closer look on them.

Retailer: Apple Will Not Release Reversible USB cable, Buy ours instead

Reversible USB lightning cable rumors have been spreading the web for awhile, especially in the past few weeks. According to third-party retailer claims that Apple won't release a reversible USB lightning cable this year with the upcoming iPhone 6 on September 9, throwing a wrench in recent Apple rumors.

New Leaked Images Compare iPhone 6 to iPhone 5s Ahead of September Announcement

Earlier today new images posted by Gizmobic, claiming to show Apple's iPhone 6 in space grey, adding fuel to the fire ahead of Apple’s expected announcement in the coming weeks. The authenticity of the images hasn’t been verified, so take them with a grain of salt, but the claimed iPhone 6 shown gels nicely with leaks over the past year and are fun to look at nonetheless.

iPhone 6 Could come with a redesigned USB Power Adapter

As we are getting near to September 9, we should know that rumors will reach to its maximum state.. A couple of days ago we've seen leaked images of iPhone 6 reversible USB cable and today we've got a new photos posted by a user on Weibo, which indicates that Apple may ship a redesigned power adapter with the new Lightning cable with the reversible USB connector.

Can't Wait for iPhone 6 ? Truffol Is offering Reversible Lighting USB cable for $10

In the past few days, we've seen number of leaked images of a reversible lighting USB cable for Apple's next generation iPhone which should be announced on September 9. Earlier today online retailer truffol has just launched a new reversible lighting USB cable for all models of iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch, all of this is just for $10.

Check out TouchPal third-party keyboard for iOS 8 In Action

To be honest, when I used my friend's Android device, one of the big takeaways from my last Android experience was how much I loved third party keyboards. it doesn’t make sense that we treat software keyboards just like we do a standard desktop keyboard.

Steve Jobs Famous Speech Is Hidden In Every Mac

Do you know that every copy of OS X that Apple ships comes with a hidden file named Apple.text ? This file contains extracts from two popular speeches. Here’s how you can access the hidden file.
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