Here's How To Install WhatsApp On iPad And iPod Touch [Video]

WhatsApp now is considered as the top instant free messaging app that works on all Android and iOS devices where you can quickly send an infinite number of text messages/Images/videos/sounds record to your friends anywhere... Unfortunately WhatsApp still don't support either iPod Touch or Apple's tablet iPad...

FaceTime Isn't Working On iOS 6 ?!

According to MacRumors, many iOS 6 users are complaining that FaceTime is no more working on their devices running on iOS 6. iPhone and iPad users reported to Apple that they can't receive or place FaceTime calls since April 16th..

New Photos Show iPhone 5s Running On iOS 8 Beta

It has been reported that iOS 8 internal testing is going on for a beta roll-out nearing the WWDC 2014. Now new images show an iPhone 5s supposedly running this firmware.

Unflod.dylib Malware Steals Apple ID & Password on Jailbroken iPhones

Most of you would be aware that jailbreaking an iPhone makes it more vulnerable to hacks and malware. The freedom offered can’t be defined, but it also implies less protection against threats.

ShareLock: Quickly Share Photos Directly From The Lock Screen

Have you ever wanted to share your photos on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or any other social website directly from your iPhone's lock screen ? It sounds good, instead of unlocking your device, go to the camera app and so on.... So why don't you use ShareLock ? It is a new recently released jailbreak tweak developed by Ryan Petrich..

Here's What iOS Apps Would Look Like On 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Display [Images]

Almost all of us have seen many leaked images for Apple's next generation iPhone and what would it looks like... Some people say it will come with a 4.7-inch screen display and I hope to see such thing. Today Ming-Chi Kuo will present us the first possible screen resolution for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. 

Another iPhone 6 Mockups Based on Leaked Case Dimensions and other Intel

In these days, the most news you probably keep reading on the Internet or anywhere else is probably about Apple's next generation iPhone 6.. We've seen many concepts, rumors and leaked images for the unreleased device.. Today Martin Hajek the well known designer has teamed up with the folks over at to create what could be the most accurate iPhone 6 renderings to date.

iOS 7.1.1 Bug-Fix Update Visible In Web Analytics Tools

It has been a month since iOS 7.1 was released and now Apple is working on the first bug fix update in the form of iOS 7.1.1. iOS 7.1 was the first major update after iOS 7 was released in September, bringing Siri, Touch ID improvements, CarPlay support, UI tweaks and a few bug fixes.

Facebook Launches New "Find My Friends" Feature

Facebook keep surprising us with many great things.. Today the company has just updated its Facebook application for iOS and Android with a new "Find My Friends" feature. Yes it is similar to Apple’s free Find My Friends iOS app, Facebook’s Nearby Friends basically notifies you when your friends are nearby.

Samsung Email: Steve Jobs Is Dead, Let's Attack iPhone

We’ve been keeping tabs on the Samsung vs. Apple court saga lately, which has revealed pretty interesting details so far. It was recently reported that Samsung claimed their genius marketing gave them the lead; not stealing the iPhone.

Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Sensor Under The Same Security Sword As iPhone 5s

The Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor as the same security flaw as the iPhone 5s sensor, creating a little risk for handset owners.

New iPhone 6 Mockups, Accessories Shown In Hong Kong [Video]

China is the best country for knowing the truth about anything you want, although they may have a lot of fake devices and mockups, but that's doesn't mean they are a bad people. Chinese case and accessory makers are always a mile ahead when it comes to making accessories for unannounced hardware, and like every year, things aren’t so different this time either, with an electronics fair being held in Hong Kong that showcases mockups of Apple’s next flagship smartphone along with its yet-to-be released accessories.

4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Front Panel & Batteries Leaked

Time to focus on leaks for the iPhone 6 components in a production setting. The first leak showed a front panel, depicting the difference between 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone models. Other leaks show some batteries on a production tray. 

Samsung Executive: It Was Genius Marketing, Not Copying Apple’s iPhone

Apple says that Samsung ripped off the iPhone to become the top-smartphone market, but Samsung is saying it was just marketing that helped the company take the lead over the years. 

New Photos Of iPhone 6 Schematic, Molds and Manufacturing Equipment

Apple’s iPhone 6 is thought to be up for a September announcement, so it’s no surprise to see unverified schematics and cases popping up here and there. 

Auki Is A Lightweight Quick Compose & Quick Reply Tweak By Surenix

Auki is a new jailbreak tweak that takes the quick reply and quick compose feature to a whole new level. The tweak has been developed by the renowned developer Bensge, who has made sure it’s free from unnecessary bloat. So how does it stack up against Messages+ and other similar tweaks? Let’s find out. 

JailbreakCon Event Will Be Live Streamed Today

WWJC (Worldwide JailbreakCon) event will be live streamed today where a group of hackers and developers will be attending the event like Ryan Petrich, Pod2G, Saurik and more hackers... The event will held in San Francisco and should start around 10.

How To Play Nintendo Games On Your iPhone/iPad Using NDS4iOS Emulator [No JB Required]

Although the App Store is full of great and popular apps that no one can ever hate to play it, but a lot of people still like the old days when they were playing awesome Nintendo games on their Atari or other devices... Nintendo has no plans to bring its games to the App Store, but you can still play them using NDS4iOS emulator and you don't even have to jailbreak your device.

Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s [Speed Test]

A couple of days ago we posted a drop test video between iPhone 5s/Galaxy S5 and HTC M8.. Today we are going to show you a new speed test video between two popular smartphones and they and they are: Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s.

Another iPhone 6 Cases Surface In Two Different Sizes

The most read topics on the internet is probably about Apple's next generation the iPhone 6. Almost everyday we keep hearing rumors/concepts and reports about it and how it will look like, the cost, the release date and more.... Today a new photos were posted by  MobileFun. The pictures shows iPhone 6 cases and they are different in size ( Maybe we can see two iPhones different in size this year!). 
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