Electra Jailbreak For iOS 11.3.1 – 11.2 Released [Download Now]

Electra jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1 – iOS 11.2 is finally here. We are delighted to inform you that coolstar has released the much-awaited update for Electra Jailbreak tool to jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 – iOS 11.2.

Electra iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak to be Released in a Few Days

Good news on Wednesday for those who’ve been eagerly awaiting a jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1: the Electra Team announced that their upcoming jailbreak tool would be released in coming days. As it would seem, the Electra Team will use an in-house APFS bypass to solve the remount issue that was delaying the tool’s release. Now all that appears to be left is a bit of packaging and polishing before Electra 11.3.1 becomes readily available to the public.

iOS 12 beta 3 Seeded: Here's What's New

Apple has released iOS 12 beta 3 for developers. The software update arrives two weeks after the second beta was released. Developers can get the update from Apple’s site or over-the-air (OTA).

iOS 11.4.1 and macOS 10.13.6 Beta 5 seeded to developers

Apple on Monday released to its registered developers fifth betas of the minor iOS 11.4.1 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 software updates. It is not known what, if anything, is new for the end user in the new versions of the platforms, but if anything is discovered we will update this post accordingly.

Electra iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak has been delayed, Here's why

Many people are still waiting for Electra iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak and probably asking why that much delay for the public release of the jailbreak tool, if you want to know why we've got some answers that may satisfy you.

How to use Siri custom shortcuts in iOS 12

iOS 12 is going to level up iPhone’s automation game. After buying Workflow last year, Apple is integrating the underlying technology directly with Siri. This means you’ll be able to create a custom workflow in the new Shortcuts app and activate it by calling up Siri. And this new system goes way beyond the Shortcuts app. Third-party apps will be able to suggest tasks that you can add to Siri as well.

Apple Maps to be Rebuilt ‘From the Ground Up’ With First-Party Data

If you’ve been wondering why Apple Maps isn’t getting any outward-facing enhancements in iOS 12, here’s your answer: the company has been busy working on a massive Maps update. Apple revealed the news in an interview Friday with Matthew Panzarino of TechCrunch.

Microsoft’s ‘Andromeda’ is a ‘Pocketable’ Dual-Screen Surface Device

Microsoft is working on a foldable, ‘pocketable,’ dual-screen Surface device, reports The Verge. The company has long been rumored to be working on such a tablet, codenamed Andromeda, but internal documents recently obtained by the outlet offer new details on the secret project.

Apple starts iPhone 6s production in India

A couple of months ago Apple began manufacturing iPhone SE in the second most populous nation in the world. Earlier today we knew that Apple has begun production of iPhone 6s in India making it the second handset after the iPhone SE. The Economic Times says this move will help Apple avoid paying import duties in the country.

Apple Seeds macOS 10.14 Mojave Public Beta 1 to Public Beta Testers

It’s official. The first public beta for macOS Mojave is now available to members of Apple’s Public Beta program. So too is the first tvOS 12 public beta. Both updates were first announced earlier this month.

Security Researcher Finds Way to Brute Force Locked iPhone Running iOS 11

A security researcher has found a way to brute force a password on a current iOS device. In doing so, he was able to bypass the security mechanisms for iOS, thereby putting encrypted data at risk, according to ZDNet.

iOS 12 beta 2: See what's new

Earlier today, Apple released the second beta of iOS 12 just a15 days after dropping the first beta. The second iOS 12 beta includes a number of minor tweaks and enhancements apart from fixing some of the bugs reported by users.

Apple is Adding World Cup Content to Siri, the App Store, Apple News, and More

We’re now just a few days away from the World Cup, and Apple has announced that it has made it easier to follow along with the action using its devices and services. Siri, iBooks and Apple News have all been updated with new content for the big event.

Apple releases second betas of iOS 11.4.1, macOS 10.13.6, and tvOS 11.4.1

Apple has a lot of beta software out there getting tested, from the immediate followup to iOS 11.4 and looking beyond to iOS 12. Today, though, it has its sights set on the beta for the immediate successor to iOS 11.4. Apple has officially seeded the second developer beta for iOS 11.4.1 to registered developers. It can be downloaded and installed as an over-the-air (OTA) update for iOS devices that have been registered, or developers can download the new pre-release software from Apple’s Developer Center directly.

Apple Watch to Adopt Solid State Buttons With Haptic Feedback

Apple Watch could soon feature solid state buttons that don’t move up and down. Instead, it will sense the touch of a finger. Despite this change, the button configuration found on the wearable device will remain the same, according to Fast Company.

Apple Stops Signing iOS 11.3.1 after the release of Ian Beer's Exploit

Apple has stopped signing iOS 11.3.1 which means that downgrading or restoring to that firmware version is no longer possible. A few days ago we reported to you that iOS 11.3.1 gained jailbreak support thanks to a new tfp0 exploit released by security researcher Ian Beer.

Houdini iOS 11.3.1 Semi-Jailbreak Released

If you follow Abraham Masri (@cheesecakeufo)’s Houdini semi-jailbreak project, then you might be excited to hear that beta 3 has been released this week with support for iOS 11.3.1, all thanks to Ian Bear’s newly-released tfp0 exploit.

Known bugs discovered in iOS 12 beta so far

After opening keynote at WWDC 2018, Apple unveiled iOS 12 beta 1 to the developers and if the initial response to the beta is anything to go by, it seems to be extremely fast even on older iPhones just as Apple had promised during its keynote.

iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad [Video hands on]

Yesterday Apple unveiled the next major software update for its iPhones and iPads: iOS 12. The update brings about a number of new features and improvements, including faster performance, group FaceTime calling with up to 32 people, tons of new stuff for AR and Animoji, and much more.

iOS 12 Compatibility List

Earlier today Apple announced the new iOS 12 which comes with plenty of features and improvements, However, the highlight of the update is that it focuses on performance and stability the most.
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